2 min readSep 27, 2022

Baanx Community Update — September 2022

Hello, BXX Community!

Now that September is about to wrap up, it’s time for another community update. This last month has come and gone very quickly, so here’s a recap on the latest news and updates from Baanx.

Cryptobites with Baanx moves to Youtube

In case you missed our announcement, we have moved Cryptobites with Baanx from Twitter Spaces to Youtube. This means that instead of tuning in live, episodes will now be pre-recorded and uploaded to Youtube, as well as Apple and Anchor.

There are several reasons why we decided on this change. Most notably, we understood that the date and time wasn’t always convenient for our listeners — be it time zones, work or other commitments.

Another issue we discovered was that Twitter Space recordings are only kept up for 30 days, before they’re deleted permanently. Again, this is something that only inconveniences our listeners, as we want episodes to be accessible at all times. Therefore, we decided that pre-recorded episodes on Youtube was a better alternative, as you can tune in whenever you want!

We’ve recently uploaded our very first episode to Youtube, where we introduce Baanx, the BXX token and our partnerships to a new audience.

Taking BXX to the next level

We understand that our community wants to see further utility and use cases for the BXX token. That’s why we launched a survey to get a better understanding of what you’d like to see in terms of future utilities and features.

We had a tremendous response from you all, and we’d like to thank you for sharing your ideas. We’ve taken your feedback on board, and have compiled our findings on our blog.

Baanx makes appearance on Game Set Matchup podcast

Our Global Sales Director, Kieron Cartledge, starred as a guest speaker on Findr’s Game Set Matchup podcast. Kieron discussed the importance of equality in business partnerships, the need for innovation and his tips on creating high performing teams.

You can listen to the podcast on both Apple and Spotify. Alternatively, you can read the highlights from the episode over on our blog. We’d also like to thank Findr for having Baanx on their podcast and allowing us to share our insights.

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