3 min readMay 31, 2023

BXX Community Update — April & May 2023

Hello, BXX Community!

Now that we’re stepping into summer, we’re practically shining with great news for our community.

We’ve also had a great amount of support from you all — whether it’s words of encouragement on Telegram or hyping the token on Twitter — we appreciate your dedication massively.

With that in mind, we’ve got a double update to share for April and May. Let’s jump right into it!

April 2023

BXX Staking now live on CL

We couldn’t leave the best news for April until last, as BXX Staking is now available on the CL Platform within Ledger Live!

This great new feature not only allows you to earn a passive income but also lets you open a world to exclusive perks and benefits. Simply stake your BXX tokens and you can unlock increased limits of interest-free spending, higher LTV lending packages and up to 20% APR!

Find out more about how BXX Staking works here.

BXX Staking Competition — Winners Announced

You know us by now. We couldn’t announce an exciting new product update without a giveaway!

We held a competition on Telegram, in which we asked our users to post a specific GIF to their Twitter, along with the reason why they love BXX and the #SomeStakeItOthersBXXIt hashtag. We would then randomly reward three lucky winners with $150 in BXX!

A huge congratulations to our three winners — TrustedIptv, Jean_bich and Grafffu. We hope you enjoy your prize!

BXX listed on P2B Exchange

You guessed it — we’re listed on another exchange!

The BXX token is now available on the P2B exchange. We’re excited to add yet another exchange to our list, and to introduce the token to even more people. Keep an eye out for updates on more exchange announcements though, because as they say — the more the merrier!

Cryptobites with Baanx — AMA with Garth Howat

Cryptobites with Baanx also returned with a special guest — Garth Howat, Founder & CEO of Baanx and BXX!

For this episode, we held an AMA in which Garth & Kieron answered questions from our community on everything about Baanx, BXX, and our plans for the future.

Check it out here.

May 2023

BXX Staking APR Increased to 25%

A little over a month after we introduced BXX Staking to the CL platform, we had even more good news to share. We heard what our community wanted, and with that, we increased the BXX Staking APR maximum to 25%!

We also held a little competition on Telegram for our community, in which they had to guess what day we’d launch the update. Those who guessed the date correctly would win some free BXX, in the amount of the correct date (e.g. 25 May = 25 BXX). A huge congratulations to those who won the competition, and we hope everyone enjoys taking advantage of higher staking rewards.

May Q&A Special with Kieron Cartledge

Our very own Kieron Cartledge — Chief of Sales and Delivery — sat down to answer some questions from the community regarding BXX and Baanx partnerships. You can catch the full Q&A session on Youtube, which you can watch here.

Kieron shares his insights with AltFi on the decline of NFTs

Kieron has certainly been gracing our screens lately, as he also shared his insights on the decline of NFTs and the Metaverse with Fintech publication AltFi.

Kieron shared some interesting points on how tech companies incorrectly perceive the metaverse, and that more understanding is needed for the principles of Web3 for Web2 projects that adopt them. Make sure to check out the full article here.

Interviews for our Community Manager

We know you guys have been asking for us to hire a community manager, so we’re happy to let you know that interviews for this position have officially started. We’ve had around five interviews so far, but as of now, we are yet to make a decision.

This is a careful process we are taking, as we want to ensure we are taking on the absolute best person for this role — not just for us, but for our community as well. We’ll make an official announcement once we’ve brought someone on board, so make sure to keep in touch on our Telegram.