Double Your Tokens!

Get a chance to double your BXX tokens when you trade or start trading BXX up to 10,000 BXX worth $1,000.

2 min readDec 31, 2021


To celebrate the end of 2021 & the beginning of 2022 we’re giving you a chance to double your BXX up to 10,000 BXX worth $1,000. This is our thank you for supporting Baanx (BXX) throughout the year.

The winner will be chosen on a lucky draw basis.

How to enter the competition:

To get a chance to double your BXX tokens you will need to trade any amount of BXX tokens in any of the listed trading platforms such as MEXC, Uniswap or Baanx app, between the 31.12.2021–12:00 (UTC) and 02.01.2021–23:00 (UTC) (including buys and sells). We will double the amount traded up to 10,000 BXX, worth $1,000.

Once you have finished trading your BXX, please send all the screenshots of your transaction(s) to with the title “BXX Competition”. The more screenshots of your trading transactions you send the more chances you have to win.

Competition start/end dates and times

Competition start date: 31.12.2021 12:00 (UTC)
Competition end date: 02.01.2021 23:00 (UTC)

Good Luck!

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