3 min readAug 25, 2022

Baanx Community Update — August 2022

Hello, BXX Community!

We understand that it’s been a while since we’ve updated you all properly, so we think it’s high time to share what’s been happening behind the scenes.

CL card powered by Ledger launch
We have been working in the background all this time, building CL communications. As you probably know, we’re soon going live with Ledger in the UK, US and EEA.

Our Marketing team has been working on creating emails, social media posts and campaigns for this large project. You might not see it yet, but you’ll be able to see these actions as soon as the product goes live.

We would like to highlight that while we were creating and developing all the comms and marketing strategy and materials, we always kept the BXX token in mind. We have incorporated BXX in most of our emails that are part of the user life cycle campaign, when we could or when was needed.

We’ll give you a few examples:

  • Commercial Launch email — invite email specifically mentions BXX cashback
  • Cashback email — with focus on BXX as the highest cashback
  • Newsletter — a weekly or monthly update, providing new users with info about BXX
  • Explaining available coins — This gives us the chance to push BXX further!

BXX’s token supply
We understand that BXX’s current token supply has been a concern for many of you recently, and we hear you. However, please rest assured that we are looking into this, and will update you all when this has been resolved.

Listing BXX on other exchanges
As you all know, BXX is currently listed on the MEXC and Uniswap exchange. We understand that a lot of you want it on other exchanges as well, and we are in the process of listing it on more CEXs and DEXs.

However, please keep in mind that applying to list a token on an exchange is a long process, and there are many loops to jump through. Of course, we want to list the token to more exchanges too, but please understand that this can’t be done overnight, and will take time.

The future of BXX survey
Last week, we published a survey for you to share your ideas and suggestions on how we can improve the BXX token and its future. We’ve had a great number of responses, and we’ve already started implementing some of these into our marketing communications!

While we can’t execute every idea we’re given, we appreciate your feedback massively and look forward to improving BXX for all of you.

Baanx to feature as guest on podcast
We have been invited to a podcast to discuss our partnerships. This is a great opportunity for Baanx to attract future partnerships, as well as to highlight the importance of the BXX token in the Baanx ecosystem. More information will come soon.

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