2 min readMar 9, 2023

BXX Community Update — February 2023

Hello, BXX Community!

The short and sweet month of February has flown by so quickly, but we’ve been as busy as ever building BXX and bringing the latest news to you all.

So as always, let’s jump right into this month’s update.

BXX available to exchange on the CL platform

February kicked off with some very positive news, as users can now exchange BXX within the CL platform.

Of course, this couldn’t go without a celebration. To mark this great milestone, CL gave away £2,000 in BXX to four winners. Users simply had to buy any amount of BXX within the CL platform by February 2nd to be eligible.

We saw trading volumes practically skyrocket after announcing this giveaway, so it was a great success for both BXX and CL indeed!

BXX added as funding option to the CL Platform

In similar CL news, users of the CL Card powered by Ledger can now fund their account with BXX. It was the other week that BXX has been added for funding via the Ledger Nano hardware wallet and external wallets.

This gives BXX even more functionality on the CL platform, introduces more Ledger users to the token and as always, brings us one step closer to Pluto!

20,000 BXX Giveaway launched to prospects in the UK & EEA for the CL Card powered by Ledger

The BXX giveaways just kept coming!

Just a few days after our exchange competition, CL ran a campaign to many prospects in the UK & EEA. This time, 20,000 BXX tokens were given away to be split between 5 people, if they signed up to the CL platform by a certain date.

This was a great opportunity to expose BXX to a whole new audience, as well as grow our community even further.

Baanx joins Czero for AMA on BXX

We can never have too many AMAs!

Our usual dynamic duo — Kieron Cartledge and Simon Jones — joined the Czero Youtube channel to introduce themselves, Baanx as a business, the BXX token and plans for the upcoming BXX+ Programme. We were super thrilled to join these guys, and always, introduce BXX to a whole new audience.

You can find the full AMA on Czero’s Youtube channel here.

First BXX Airdrop with Coinstore

Our first-ever airdrop for the BXX token, AKA our Secret Code Airdrop.

We held this with our good friends at Coinstore, giving 10 users the chance to win 3,040 BXX tokens to share between them.

We ran this competition from February 22nd to February 28th, but don’t worry if you missed out on this one. We plan to run plenty of other airdrops and competitions in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!